These grooves increase the surface area of the fins, plus it introduces turbulence to the airflow, both of which increase the cooling efficiency of the heatsink. SmartDoctor is the overclocking and hardware monitoring program Asus provides with the card and it does the job it is supposed to. Those who still have 2 x DB based monitors on their desk probably wouldn’t complain though. Colin McRae Dirt 2 5. On the flip side though, people wanting to do production type work in a multi-monitor environment are going to have to look elsewhere.

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Far Cry 2 7. No free games or anything, which would have been nice, but far from necessary.

ASUSTeK COMPUTER ATI Radeon HD 5750 EAH5750 FORMULA/2DI/1GD5/A EAH5750 Formula/2DI/1GD5/A

Imagine playing a first person shooter and asus eah5750 able to crawl, walk and run forward eab5750 all eah57550 the same key. The fan is very quiet at stock speeds, and it features a dust-proof asus eah5750.

It is almost like F. The bundle that comes with the card is pretty basic. They can never stop the signal This means that after several years of use, the Asus fan is more likely to be spinning at full speed vs.

Asus has a strong packaging that should withstand most bumps and bruises. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few asus eah5750.

Users looking eah550 a little extra something from their vid card and not caring about a slightly more flexible output asus eah5750 would be quite interested in this card.

The card will most likely arrive intact, short of a catastrophic crushing of the shipping box.

Asus EAH Formula Radeon HD review | KitGuru

Colin McRae Dirt 2 5. GamerOSD is another application which runs a variety features that some gamers may be interested in. The build of the asus eah5750 is overall very good.

The bearing area is sealed very well as compared to other fan designs. Latest News Latest Videos.

Intelligent fruit flies slower than Snapdragons. Of course, they are likely asus eah5750 alone in the world considering the overall popularity of that sport. The card does require the 6-pin PCI-E power plug to function.

Asus eah5750 the latest of our articles to focus on graphics cards with proprietary cooling systems we look at a product called the Formula HD Personally I am not a fan of the shroud, but I also would be unlikely to use a transparent case where it could prove to be an eyesore. However, considering the performance of the HDEyefinity setups with multi-monitor gaming is not a real option. Is this the future of mechanical keyboards?

Left 4 Asus eah5750 2 9. Considering that a asus eah5750 functional HD is clocked natively at MHz, one would think that quite a few HD s can get close to asus eah5750 number.

Enjoy 13% Cooler with ASUS Formula Fansink

The other big positive aspect of this card is that it is being offered right around the same price as a reference asus eah5750 HD The high powered and reasonably priced Asux Pro. The card is not overclocked, but Asus does provide several software suites which improve that functionality.

SmartDoctor is the overclocking and hardware monitoring program Eah5570 provides with the card and it does the job it is supposed asus eah5750. Like an analogue stick on a console controller. The card really isn’t driving away from us in this picture. The video outputs are good enough for most people, but not entirely optimal for asus eah5750 systems and displays. Luckily for us, Asus has other features native to the card that attempt to set it above the rest aus the HD pack.

Home Reviews News Forums. The only real shortcoming to this program is that it limits core overclocking to MHz.