I think it doesn’t make sense! V16 calculate chks or not? Is this version more stable or any other advantage? A question, for who has original MPPS tool: No ori device you had to swnd to ant in order to upgrade v12 to next version Could somebody translate this to me? Regards, in c windows system 32 riched 20 and 32 is good.

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I opened this in winols demo and got tables which were automatically identified. I think you can program injector codes with Multi-Diag interface.

Connect adapter and mpps to USB. It begins V16 eu clone version. You will find all your answers there. Saulius China Clone V16 is available now since 4 month? But that’s not correct. And i found it as usually under “mpps” If mpps v12 amt flash want to keep updatet just watch china market like aliexpress or something else and flassh will find.

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mpps v12 amt flash Thanks for your help! I have all version from v1 to the last release. That site i do not believe is updated so much The european clone comes as an OBD2 plug and is generally considered better. Hello mate Mpps v12 amt flash performance. Mine is stuck at MPPS old interface repairfor amh you can help me since you already have done to identify the pins on the pcb mpps clone mcu f with some scheme amtt photo I thank anyone who wants to help me andrew.

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I have a VW Passat edc17 alanine should calculate the checksum. Can mpps read write vw pass at 25tdi edc15?

But why using a v16 software with a v12 hardware?!? We will just have to wait for V15 clone Hi Guys, V12 is just a newer version of V5?

Free MPPS V13.02 software driver and installation on Win 7

Looking for some advice and guidance. I mpps v12 amt flash there is a “tentative” for the sw extracted from V16 in order to work with v12 hw – you can find here in this topic how it is working.

Or is it really the other way around? If you will look when they start to sell v13 you will discover that it was after 1 year official v16 was released, or more.

Mops it is edc V13 is a lot cheaper and works under soft the v16 – this is on DK http: That’s why I mpps v12 amt flash that there has to be hardware change – mcu, pcb V16 hardware V16 soft, found with hardware V16 received and tested on Vw edc17cp 14,checksum work fine. If you need old version just ask amt.

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EDC17 checksum calculation, but i wouldnt mpps v12 amt flash with it as long as you cant do it in boot mode, it is really not a good idea to flash those cars without a mpps v12 amt flash plan if something goes wrong. You can see it in one of the menus can’t really remember which one. Have some one a direct contact with the owner from AMT-Cartech? Mppw what is last version of clone? Someone can confirm that mpps v13 and v12 both china uses exactely the same hardware and soft?